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ABM Electrical Contractors Ltd is a fully licensed (ECRA/ESA License #7002365) and insured electrical contractor. Our highly skilled and motivated staff is capable of tackling even the most complex projects in the electrical industry. We have established long-standing relationships with our suppliers ensuring we receive electrical supplies at minimal cost while maintaining the highest quality.  We will complete all projects in accordance with applicable laws, including the Ontario Electrical Safety Code and the laws relating to safety and health, consumer protection and other matters of a similar nature. Furthermore our projects will be on budget and on time while guarantying that the quality of workmanship will not be overlooked. We work closely with construction managers, owners, architects and engineers’ making sure our worked performed is accurate and courteous. Our standard of performance has made previous customers repeat customers.



  • Custom Design/build installations
  • Retro-fit, Additions and New Construction
  • Emergency Generators
  • All Services Upgrade
  • Metering
  • Communication Installations
  • Security Installations
  • TV installation

  • Custom Design/build installations
  • Retro-fit, Additions and New Construction
  • Service Upgrades/Modifications
  • Emergency Generators
  • Communication Installations
  • Security Installations
  • Fire Alarm System Installation
  • Custom Control Panels
  • Building Automation
  • Hazardous Location Installations
  • Light Level Analysis
  • Maintenance, Repair, Trouble-shooting

  • Custom Design/build installations
  • PLC, HMI, VFD Programming and Control Device Wiring
  • Custom Control Panels
  • Motion Controls
  • Systems Upgrade and Modification
  • Machinery Relocation
  • Hazardous Location Installations
  • Maintenance, Repair, Trouble-shooting



We have experience on several thousand different types of projects. Beginning from simple residential, through more complex institutional, commercial and industrial projects. We are equipped with latest version of Accubid estimating software’s, Time & Material, Change Order, Data Base, and Live Count and use a customized database combining industry standards in conjunction with our vast experience. This allows us to produce accurate estimate(s) or budgeting project whether they are in the initial phase and through design completion. We work closely with owners, architects, engineers and suppliers to provide input to the design and will help you stimulate different options of budgeting for your project needs.


Service Upgrades & Modifications on new construction or existing buildings are often comprehensive projects that may include all aspect of; Hydro Services, Motor Control Centre, Switchgears Load Centers etc. The work requires efficient coordination and delivery on timing between the suppliers, utility companies, inspection & verification authorities and the trades. Oversights and design errors can cause project delays and unexpected expenses for customers. In order to avoid any difficulties we focus on providing an effective action plan including but not limited to preparing 3D drawings and a comprehensive review of all aspects in the installation prior to construction. This procedure is beneficial to the customer and will significantly reduce cost of the project, and minimize or eliminate down time all together.


ABM Electrical has engaged in various types of projects. We do not limit ourselves to one type of installation. Our office and field staff is capable of tackling any project whether it is retro-fit, addition, and or new construction. We will provide you with courteous and professional workmanship and ensure that you are fully satisfied.


Equipped with the latest software in photometric analysis our staff can provide you with detailed reports of foot candles for your existing building or your upcoming project. Using this software we can recreate your building in a 3D image and input different variables such as room reflectance, cavity ratio, type of lights, mounting height of light fixture, etc, to provide you with various options in lighting for your specific building requirements. This information is highly efficient in estimating power consumption as well as budgeting for luminaries for any project. This software is essential in determining quantity and type of light to ensure a consistent foot candle level throughout a building.


ABM Electrical can provide you with a variety of options in lighting control. These options can range from timeclocks, photocells, as well as programmable touch screen panels that you can utilize to customize your desires in lighting control. Feel free to contact us for a free estimate.


Looking to cut your energy costs? Allow us to develop a proposal for your building and we will show you how much money you could be saving.


Utilizing a building automation system (BAS)  can reduce the need of man power to operate your facility and reduce your energy consumption by programming the shut off of various systems during hours when the building is not in use. A building automation system can control heating, A/C, ventilation, lighting and the like. We can also setup an external link for the BAS so that you can change or control your facility from home or anywhere you have access to the internet.


We build Equipment Control Panels (ECP) that are usually uniquely designed for the customers varying from simple or integrated units to provide autoimmunization for facility or equipment. The ECP’s significantly reduce maintenance or installation hours comparing to traditional equipment and require minimal servicing.  Depending of your needs the panels are very often equipped with PLC, HIM, VFD, DIM and other control devices uniquely selected for specification and design.


Services offered include machines and production lines; design, installation, upgrades, retrofits, relocations, modifications, troubleshooting, diagnostics, maintenance, repair, commissioning and startup.
We can construct custom control panels, programming PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers), HMI (Human-Machine Interface), VFD (AC, DC Variable Frequency Drives) selecting and installing motion controllers, photoelectric, proximity sensors, pneumatic and hydraulic controls and actuators to accomplish customer satisfaction.
We use well recognized products brands such us:
Allen Bradley, Omron, Automation Direct, Siemens, Schneider, ABB, Galvazzi, and many other brands that allow us to build stable and solid systems at competitive rates.


Let our design staff save you money. Our staff will work with you to provide an electrical design for your home based on OESC regulations and your personal requirements.
During construction the project is verified and upon completion will be certified by ESA.


Don’t let power interruptions control your life. We can provide and install emergency generators (petrol or natural gas) complete with automatic transfer switches so you are never without power again. We can provide emergency generators for all applications whether it is small residential generators or larger industrial generators. Feel free to contact us for a free estimate.


ABM Electrical has engaged in several fire alarm installations in commercial, industrial, institutional construction as well as high-rise retro-fits. Our staff has comprehensive knowledge and experience in installing and trouble shooting all the different types of fire alarm systems. All of our installations are performed in accordance with all applicable regulations and are warranted for a one year period.


Require a security system installation? ABM Electrical can fulfill all your security needs for residential, commercial, industrial and institutional projects. Our excellent staff has provided rough-in installations as well as complete security installations for copious projects. Our staff is ready and willing to help you with your security installations requirements. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


ABM Electrical has installed sound and PA systems for a variety of clients including health facilities, schools, offices, and community centres. Our highly motivated staff will work with you to pick the system that best fits your requirements and budget. Our goal is complete customer satisfaction.


Require data or telephone cable installation? Look no further. Our technicians will provide you with a prompt and professional installation no matter what your needs are. We can also provide you with a detailed testing report if your project requires. Our quality of workmanship is second to none.


Our field staff has extensive knowledge of all hazardous Class I, II, and III installations. Put your mind at ease knowing you hired the right contractor for your hazardous installations.


Our staff has extensive experience and training in all electrical installations enabling us to provide you with speedy and cost efficient services. Please contact us and we will be more than willing to help you.